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People and Technology have created access to many opportunities for many industries to be more competitive, efficient and drive awareness, however most organizations have not adapted. There is a large gap between a new level of powerful business practices and the ability to adopt to them. It is Soarin Group’s goal to enhance our clients’ ability to successfully serve their clients’ needs by leveraging IT, HR and Media.

Founded in 2016, Soarin Group has helped organizations of all sizes create a heightened awareness when it comes to leveraging technology and people to grow their business. Soarin Group partners with organizations in providing outsourced IT and HR Solutions. As your Chief Information Officer (CIO), we will ensure that your technology systems are strategically designed, secured and supported 24/7. You will also have a dedicated IT department and helpdesk for all your employees. As your HR Director, we will make sure that your people are on the same page, there is a great employee culture, and you have a compliant policies and procedure for the organization.

Solving Technology Problems

Chief Information Officer

A CIO for your company that is part of your Leadership Team and helps oversee your business growth

IT Security & Compliance

Security and Compliance are now top priorities for all industries and sectors

IT Services

24x7 dedicated support and proactive monitoring of your IT network by a dedicated team of professionals
Solving People Problems

Human Resources Director

A dedicated HR Officer that is part of your Leadership Team and there for your employees

Company Traction

Ensure that your leadership and staff are on the same page with all your company goals and objectives

Fully Certified

We are SHRM Certified and go through regular trainings to make sure you stay up to date on the latest trends
7 Pillars Of IT
7 Pillars Of HR
Being a "media company" is paramount to every company. Make sure you develop your brand so people are aware of what you do.
Social Media Content
Creating short-form content and ads for Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.
Video Production
Professional video production for your company to drive new business and engage with current clients.
Creative Consulting
Out of the box thinking on creative projects to breathe a new life into your organization and customers.
About Our Company
Soarin Group understands that people and technology impact every part of an organization and the complexities of managing them continue to increase each year. This is why the mission at Soarin Group is to help our clients gain a “Competitive Advantage” through people, technology and awareness. 

Founded in 2016, Soarin has helped organizations of all sizes create a heightened awareness when it comes to leveraging technology and people to grow their business. These unique processes have an underlining cause to create awareness, build revenue, empower people and create systems to drive their organizations in terms of sales, support and gaining attention to their organization and culture.

Tom Nielsen, CEO & Founder

Soarin Group, LLC
People ask WHY technology AND people are often the cause of issues facing the business today? There are 4 reasons!
Reason #1
Reason #2
Reason #3
Reason #4
"We do not know where we would be without Soarin.  They are critical to our Technology and HR."
Jay C.
Executive Director
"Soarin Group will always have the best interest of our firm above all else.  They are like family to us."
Rod R.
"The team at Soarin has operated as our CIO for years.  They have been critical to our success."
Dr. Jeff B.
"We maintain our banking compliance with ease by having Soarin as our CIO.  They are a critical part."
Greg D.
"We feel our efficiency has increased since working with Soarin!  Their IT team really cares for people."
Tim H.
"We would not be able to meet our compliance needs without the help of Soarin. They always have our back!"
Bob F.
Financial Planner, Owner 
"We have utilized Soarin for our shop for years.  Their IT and HR team really understand our company."
Dave H.
"Soarin works with several 911 & Sheriff agencies.  They serve as a critical role in our expansion efforts."
Leila L.
Communications Director
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